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Shady Photo & Video Safe 4.0+

Multimedia e video
7.99 usd

Shady has absolutely no icon, and no open button, so how do you open the app? Shady uses telephone dialing code technology to open, the default dialing code is 456. After installing press the open button to activate your dialing code and you’re good to go with the ultimate stealth-gallery vault that only opens by dialing your customizable secret code into the telephone; it’s just like making a phone call.The Good Stuff★ Full animated GIF support★ Powerful folder encryption★ Full tablet support using NFC lock technology★ 100% lossless security★ 440ppi support★ Full removable SD card support★ Integrated backup to zip support★ Auto touch to import system★ Insta-Cache technology★ Selectable folder covers★ Perfect landscape support★ Convenient export all featureShady Photo & Video Safe 4.0+ is fully integrated with Shady SMS 4.0 supporting direct MMS image exporting!
**New** Full tablet support! Shady is the only secret Gallery app on the Play Store for tablets that has absolutely no icon and no open button. Shady uses NFC technology to open on Tablets. Install Shady on your NFC equipped tablet, and on your NFC equipped phone. To open Shady on your tablet, simply login to Shady on your phone and perform an NFC event with your tablet. Simple as that :) NFC support requires Android 4.1+ Jelly Bean!!
Shady Photo & Video Safe has been around for many years and the current version benefits from several hundred updates. Go ahead, stay with the best and most trusted of Shady brand products.